At PIE we offer valuable information on the quality institutions that we represent. Our objective is to make your transition and study experience as enjoyable as possible to catapult you into a successful career in the lucrative hospitality industry.

Our experience in this industry allows us to prepare students and sometimes parents to make the vital cultural adjustment which is a key factor for an enjoyable and successful learning experience.

Pie is renowned for its ability to prepare students to engage in successful studies while overseas. We do this by assisting in every aspect, from preparation of your application for easy admission to compilation of supporting documents for visa requirements.

PIE also monitors the students’ progress in as far as the development of their career is concerned. PIE is therefore the Patron of the very active Alumni in the region which means we can help propel your career after completing studies. The Alumni is often the most important connection one can have after university.

Our Specialization (Hospitality)